Our commitment to sustainability is embedded in thoughtful designs that emphasise permanence, durable and responsible materials, and traditional crafting methods that have a minimal carbon footprint. This careful balance also enables us to make products that can be reused across multiple generations.


We infuse technology into all of our products to deliver features that fulfil the daily needs of our clients.

Made in Africa for the world

We craft sustainable and technology-enabled luggage and accessories.

Shop from our range of leather, leather mosaic and African print luggage and accessories that are ready to wear. You can also add initials, a name or text to your Mebala product for a personal touch on the shop page. 

Through collaboration with our clients, we co-create and craft products that are suited to unique needs and preferences. Get in touch with our design team.

We offer corporate gifting and white-label manufacturing from our catalogue or through custom-made designs

Mebala Leather bags Made in Africa


Warranty, returns and repairs

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