RFID blocking technology

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a relatively new technique in which electromagnetic fields automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. Containing electronically stored information, these tags respond to certain radio frequencies by allowing them access to the data stored on the object they’re attached to.For this reason, many industries use RFID tags to track the location of automobiles, pharmaceuticals, livestock and pets.

The problem? RFID tags can be attached to personal belongings, meaning that someone can access, clone and use the personal data stored on your identity documents and bank cards; such as your address, contact number, Social Security Number, pertinent account or employee information.


Our solution

That’s why Mebala lines each and every bespoke leather products with specially engineered RFID-blocking fabric; preventing harmful radio waves from accessing, storing or cloning your private information. Look out for the RFID mention in each of our product descriptions.

Mebala bags

Mebala bag comes equipped with a fully protected RFID lined pocket. This pocket can be identified by its black colour lining.

Mebala genuine leather backpack saddle tan
Mebala leather wallets and purses

Mebala accessories

RFID technology is incorporated into the lining of all Jekyll & Hide wallets, meaning your contents are always fully protected.

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